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Almost fifteen years of experience in the importing and exporting of fruit by truck and by air has helped us build a professional customs clearance
team and custom agencies throughout each customs pass of Thailand.


We own 100% of our large fleet of trucks and maintenance shops. We have shops and emergency repairs shops all around Thailand. This keeps our trucks running and provides quick response to breakdowns should


We have customer service representatives available with the ability to speak Chinese, English and Thai for ease of communications.


Our trucks are equipped with GPS units. We provide 24 hour tracking for trucks and goods in real time.

Company Profile

Established in 2000, our company is a Thai-Hong Kong joint venture company with 85 million Baht of registered capital. From its establishment to now, the company has made considerable progress with a growing scale. Currently, there are over 500 employees, more than three hundred various medium and small models of freezing vehicles and dry container trucks, over 50 canvas cars and flatbed trucks and over three hundred and eleven 45-foot freezing and dry containers to fully meet with customers' various transportation needs. Since 2005, the company has developed a number of international transportation routes covering the Southeast Asian countries. After year of hard work, the operation of each line has become quite mature at present after years of hard work, providing customers with convenient and reassuring transport customs clearance services. Meanwhile, the company has registered the Golden Line Air Service Co., Ltd., an independent air transport services Limited company, and has successfully joined in the International Air Transport Association (IATA), providing customers with air cargo services at preferential prices.

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